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Want to join us? Read this before!

Hey! If you would like to know what do in order to join our clan, Aura, you've come to the right place!
Listen up, few things you should know first:

- We have several ways of communicating, here's a list of them:
- IRC: We use mIRC to connect to IRC.globalgamers.net network in the channel #Aura, and there we are able to chat in real time with ease!
- This site
- We have Teamspeak 3 servers as well; You will have to contact us in order to get access to it.
- We look for friendly people, who like to play UT2004, UT3, Trackmania, chat and have fun!
- All ages welcome but we hope for older people as well; Girls, Boys, Ladies, Gentlemen, all welcome!
- Bad attitudes aren't welcome, but humor is very welcome!
- We are based in europe, middle east, and all that region of europe, so please take that in consideration.

Well now back to business...
First of all, you will need to visit us in our channel on irc.globalgamers.net network, so we can talk with you, and for a while until we get to know you!
Second of all, you will need to play a few matches with some of our members to test your ability in game, which will determine whether you could join the clan or not. Note: It doesn't mean you won't be allowed in the clan, if you're not a "pro", we really prefer nice people who like to play for FUN!
Third of all, we would like you to fill out the join- request here, saying you would like to join our clan with the following information (link at bottom):

- Nickname
- Real name
- Age
- Where do you live
- Preferred game types and such

That's pretty much about it! ;)
Check out this page for information, IP and such of our UT2004 servers: Click here

A few rules:
- The classic one, treat others as you would like to be treated!
- No hacking allowed.
- Be nice and friendly, or just play it cool!
- The least of sense of humor is a must!

All talents are welcome, we are looking forward for interesting people!
We have many programmers in the clan, as well as artists and many good people!
Any suggestions and ideas to improve our community our welcome!
See ya around buddy! :)

For further information, contact either one of the following:
- [Aura]BigByte aka Bob
- [Aura]Invisible aka Matze
- [Aura]MaelStrom aka Aviv

Thanks to Aviv for writing this down ;)

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