About the [Aura] CMS

What is "[Aura] CMS"?

My idea behind this project was to replace the VWar- content management and program something that is specifically for our needs. The [Aura] CMS is based on self- coded functions, systems and ideas. Partially I am using Java Script and PHP snippets for common functions. The internet offers alot of options to learn about PHP, MySQL and other Website- related technics and I have used tutorials aswell as the official PHP website to gain the necessary knowledge for this project.

Can I use it for my own website?

Right now, I do not consider to share this CMS, as it is embedded into this website and coded for our special needs.

Why did you make your own Content Management?

I really enjoyed the programming, the art of coding and it was nice to see a fresh [Aura] website. That's why I invested alot of time to make a new, neater and simpler website for our fellow clan- friends.

The [Aura] CMS is copyrighted to Matthias Lichthardt, 2011. All Rights Reserved.

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